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Round 1 Winners

Eleven organizations will receive $16,000 and advance to Round 2 where they will compete for grand prize awards of up to $85,000. Round 1 winners will now prepare to present their concepts at an in-person pitch event hosted at the Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit and Expo in Washington. This event will provide them with a platform to showcase their innovations to prominent figures from NASA, the military, and industry. The networking opportunities with venture capitalists and impact investors will open doors to potential partnerships that could redefine the future of space and science.

The Round 1 Winners are:

Automated Monitoring of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Claudia Hulbert

Cislune Lunar Fuel Refinery and Exporter by Cislune

Deployable Vapor Transport Pipe Demonstrator by Blnk Space

iCOSMOS-Swarm for Climate Science Data Generation by Interstel Technologies

Lunar Anti-Dust Microgrid Payload by Front Range Team

Lunar Home Maker by Moon Matter Makers

One Giant Leap for Life:Moon Demonstration Garden by "Daniel Tompkins and Gonçalo Esteves

PRISM: Personal RealTime Insight from Spatial Maps by Pegasus Intelligence and Space

Ringside Seats: Mote System Lunar Landing Support by Space Initiatives Inc

Spaceducks Open-Source Climate Sensor Platform by SpaceDucks

Visual Position and Navigation for Space Missions by Skyline Nav AI

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